David Beckham tipped for Oscar in Hollywood

Hollywood pundits are tipping David Beckham for an Oscar, following his blockbusting appearance in Guy Ritchie’s brand new movie King Arthur – Legend Of The Sword.

Warner Bros have just released a trailer of the film, featuring the ex-Manchester United and England the star in action in a full suit of armour and brandishing a broadsword, like any good knight of the round table should.

The Arthurian legend tells that only the rightful King of Britain can pull a magical sword from a stone. Beckhams’ part in the film is reportedly a small guest role, featuring as a disgruntled knight called Trigger who is unable to remove the sword.

Small part it may be, but the Daily Chronicle is tipping Beckham for an award winning season in Twinkletown.

In further news, Richie has announced plans to produce a biopic of Victoria Beckham. The working title of the project is “Posh”.