Boy who doesn’t live in Manchester decides to support Manchester United

A young boy who lives in Luton in Bedfordshire has decided to become a Manchester United supporter.

“I know it may seem odd to support a team from another town,” his father told us, “But the local side aren’t very exciting to watch and the Bennett family have supported the Red Devils ever since the days of George Best and Bobby Charlton.”

The Bennetts live just 300 yards from the ground of Luton Town, who play in the fourth tier of the English Football League, but none of the family has ever set foot in the stadium.

A spokesperson for Manchester United told the Daily Chronicle, “We’re delighted this lad’s taken the unusual decision to support a team that’s 170 miles from where he lives.”

He went on, “Frankly we need all the support we can get as many of the football fans who live in Manchester support Barcelona or Real Madrid.”