Comedians blast Trump for being “beyond satire”

Comedians from around the world have issued a joint statement demanding that President Donald Trump “refrains from doing things that are beyond satire.”

“How can the USA withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement be a serious piece of news?” one comedian told us. “By coming up with this kind of crap, Trump is doing our jobs for us. If everything the president says sounds like a gag, how the hell are we supposed to write gags about it?”

Another humour writer told us, “During the election campaign I spent hours writing a sketch about Trump building a big wall between the US and Mexico. When he announced that he was actually going to do it I had to throw the sketch in the trash!”

“I’ve since had to throw away comedy routines about Trump banning gun-free zones in schools, Trump calling deaf people retarded and Trump calling a news reporter a c*nt.”