Liam Gallagher impersonator plays Glastonbury in amazing festival hoax

Reports are emerging from Glastonbury that a little-known Liam Gallagher impersonator played one of the main stages at the festival last night, without a single fan noticing the hoax.

Professional Liam look-alike Ian Greg delivered “a triumphant solo set”, which included Gallagher’s new single “Wall of Glass” as well as the Oasis classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.

After the show, look-alike Greg was even interviewed by the BBC’s Jo Whiley, who had absolutely no idea what was going on, and she asked the impersonator how he felt looking out at such a huge audience.

Greg said: “It was amazing, I’m made for big gigs, I’m made for small ones as well, but the bigger the better you know what I mean, they don’t scare me.”

Whiley then asked the look-alike if anything scared him and he said: “No. Well, losing my voice man scares me cos you sit around all day thinking is it going to be there when you walk out? You think it’s there… It was there tonight I think. That’s the only thing I’m nervous about, ever.”

Reclusive Gallagher apparently watched the extraordinary performance from his £17 million home in north London. He was unavailable for comment this morning.