“I appeared on Big Brother in 2004” says Tim Farron

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron has revealed that he appeared as a contestant on Big Brother in 2004, and was evicted from the house after just one week.

“The viewers absolutely hated me,” admits Farron. “I was viciously booed, both going into the house and coming out of it.”

At the time, Farron was working in further education at St. Martin’s College. Luckily for him, Big Brother contestants are instantly forgotten by the viewing public, almost as soon as they walk out of the famous house.

Further research has revealed that Farron also appeared for several years as a key character in Coronation Street, and as the frontman of rock band Stiff Little Fingers. Despite these brushes with fame, he has never once been recognised in public and has what he refers to as, “One of the most forgettable faces on the planet.”