Piers Morgan’s mouth to be silenced for four years

Piers Morgan’s mouth is to be silenced for four years for conservation works.

As the maintenance takes place, starting at noon on Monday 21st August, the broadcaster’s voice will be paused until 2021.

A spokesperson for Mr Morgan told the Daily Chronicle: “This mouth has been in constant operation for over half a century and it has basically worn out. This essential programme of works will safeguard it for future generations.”

Members of the public are being called upon to to mark the impending silence by gathering around Mr Morgan to hear his final utterances, before his voice returns in 2021.

Morgan has been responsible for virtually unbroken speech since the age of two, with his mouth last falling silent in 2007. He also stopped talking for seven seconds in the nineteen eighties.

Morgan’s mouth was designated a Unesco World Heritage site in 2012.