New gadget tells you what your cat is thinking

The cat gadget market is littered with toys, cameras and cat trackers, but here’s something a little bit different.

The CatSpeak 3000 enables you to have complex conversations with your pet, and it’s as simple as attaching a tiny matchbox-sized module to the side of the animal’s head.

Danish inventor Jorvik Dvorvik told us: “The first time I fitted the CatSpeak 3000 to my own pet we were able to have quite long and interesting discussions about wind power, cosmetic surgery and childhood obesity.”

“Unfortunately,” he went on, “The gadget puts a tremendous strain on the feline brain and is usually accompanied by crippling headaches and violent projectile vomiting.”

“On one occasion I was having a heated debate about Brexit with a three month old Siamese kitten, and its head literally exploded, leaving a sticky claret-coloured deposit all over the walls of the kitchenette.”

Although not entirely without its risks, The CatSpeak 3000 will no doubt be a massive hit with pet owners, and will be available in the shops from early next year.