NHS buy fleet of fork lift trucks to move obese patients

The NHS have purchased a fleet of 2,000 industrial heavy lifting vehicles in order to take obese patients to and from hospital.

An NHS spokesperson told the Daily Chronicle, “The average weight of people in the UK is now 350 pounds, so it has become almost impossible to fit patients into normal sized ambulances.”

A 420 pound woman in Luton was recently taken to A&E in Dunstable using a H8-16XM-6 Heavy Duty Fork Lift, but she first had to be lowered out of the window of her council house with the aid of an LTF telescopic truck-mounted crane, hired from the heavy lifting division of Ainscough.

Philip Dunne MP, Minister of State for Health, told us, “As more and more branches of Greggs open in the UK, we have to be prepared to move patients around with a variety of heavy lifting devices. We have already spent over £90 billion on industrial lifting equipment and we expect this figure to rise by at least 90%, year on year.”

Dawn French is 59.