Patient “mislaid for 3 years” in London hospital

An elderly patient went missing at the Whittington Hospital in North London for three years, it was reported this week.

“We thought she’d been discharged,” a spokesperson told the Daily Chronicle. Meanwhile, a trainee hospital registrar told us, “Oh dear, we thought she was dead.”

It turns out that 93 year old Mrs. Alice Graham of Fortis Green Road, Hornsey, was left on a hospital trolley in a third floor corridor, then accidentally wheeled into a tinned food cupboard in the basement.

“Mrs. Graham was down there for around 36 months,” the registrar went on. “She was fortunately able to feed herself by prising open tins of frozen peas and corned beef.”

Asked to comment, Mrs Graham’s son told us, “We thought my mother was visiting a distant cousin in Penrith. Imagine our surprise when the Whittington told us they’d found her foraging for food in the hospital kitchens.”