Postmen and postwomen attack over 5,000 dogs a year in the UK

According to the Royal Mail, in the past year postmen and women have attacked over 5,000 dogs in the UK. That’s a rise of 25% on the previous year.

George (not his real name), a postman for 27 years, appeared in court recently after biting a German shepherd dog in Chatham.
“I was going into the driveway,” he told us, “And the dog looked at me in an inappropriate and sarcastic way. I grabbed its leg with my teeth and shook it. The animal doesn’t come anywhere near me now.”

Since 2016, 71% of postman attacks on dogs have happened at the front door or in the front garden. A spokesperson for the RSPCA told us that some of the attacks “have caused life-changing injuries to our canine friends.”

“I know of a toy poodle,” he said, “Who is now completely terrified to leave the house after being thrown almost 100 metres by a postwoman.”

One dog owner told the Daily Chronicle, “We need to be able to let our pets outside without the fear that they’ll be set upon and injured by postmen and women. We must keep raising awareness of this serious issue and ask the Royal Mail to keep their employees under control at all times.”