Review: Space Planet

It’s hard to make me laugh, but this mad little cartoon series – currently streaming on Prime Video – often has me crying with laughter.

Space Planet features a crew of outlandish, multi-eyed aliens flying around the galaxy selling carpets. Yes, you did hear that right. Carpets. One of them, a green slug called Hooter, can only communicate by beeping like a car horn. Another character, Captain Monster, likes to relax by lashing himself to a Duran Duran-style windmill and being dipped, headfirst, into a swimming pool.

The animation is very basic and low-tech, but the producers make up for this with consistently funny writing and loads of very surreal and fresh ideas. The tone is sometimes crude and childish, but Space Planet taps into that little child we all have inside us who still thinks that “poo” is the funniest word they’ve ever heard.

My favourite episode so far features a story in which the galaxy becomes overwhelmed by a plague of swans. Everyone in the cast ends up with a broken arm and the crew finally decide that the best way to get rid of the creatures is to “break their hearts”.

Other episodes feature the crew going back to Tudor times in order to sell tapestries and a show in which Hooter sets up his own TV shopping channel called QBC.

The series is produced in a tiny animation studio in North London by a husband and wife team called Georgina Sowerby & Brian Luff. The pair create all the animation themselves, write the scripts and voice all the characters.

Space Planet is quite simply brilliant. A priceless little gem that’s well worth checking out. Watch it now on Amazon Prime Video