Swan breaks man’s arm

A swan has broken a man’s arm in a park in Maidstone, Kent.

Chartered accountant Alan Snelling told the Daily Chronicle, “I was with my two young children and we were throwing bread to the ducks at the lake. All of a sudden, one of the swans launched itself at me. It was a completely unprovoked attack.”

“I tried to defend myself, but the swan grabbed hold of my arm with its beak and forced it up behind my back. After a few moments I heard a loud crack, and it was clear that the creature had fractured my arm, just below the elbow.”

A spokesperson for the RSPCA told us, “It has for many years been a popular misconception that a swan can break a man’s arm with its wing. This recent attack proves that isn’t the case at all, as a swan is actually far more likely to snap a bone in a human’s arm using a wrist lock similar to those practiced by members of the police force and the armed forces.”

In 2014 a swan in Middlesbrough fractured a man’s skull with a head butt.