Timberlake to play Tim Farron in biopic

Justin Timberlake is to play Tim Farron in a brand new film about the life of the charismatic and enigmatic Lib Dem leader.

Farron’s jokey conference speeches and matey persona have made him a favourite among grassroots party activists, who see him as one of their own, and Timberlake says he is “excited and humbled to get an opportunity to portray this great man on the big screen.”

Farron’s story is a dramatic one. It took him three attempts to get elected to Parliament, finally overturning a Tory majority in Westmoreland and Lonsdale, at the general election in 2005.

The British-funded movie, entitled simply “Farron” will tell how the party leader was one of only eight MPs to survive the wipeout of Lib Dem MPs at the 2015 election, having turned his tiny majority of less than 3,000 in his Cumbrian seat into a healthy 8,949.

Recording artist Timberlake has previously held starring roles in the films The Social Network, Bad Teacher, and Friends with Benefits. He will also be writing a soundtrack for the film.