“Trump is real” insists White House

It was announced by the White House this morning that Donald Trump really is the president of the United States of America.

“It’s not fake news,” a White House aide told a packed press conference. Despite numerous reports to the contrary, senior Republicans are insisting that Trump is not, as many commentators have suggested for months, the elaborate creation of a team of comedy writers and satirists, but is a non-fictional character with all the legislative powers and authority of an actual president.

Carolyn Ryan, political editor of the New York Times, has long believed that there’s a British writing team behind the Trump character. “It has all the hallmarks of Monty Python or The Fast Show,” Ryan told the Daily Chronicle. “The Brits do that kind of broad, surreal comedy so brilliantly.”

Leigh Francis, creator of TV character Keith Lemon is one of many writers suspected to be behind the creation of Trump, but the British comedian was today unavailable for comment.

Other comedy legends thought to be somehow involved include Barry Humphries, creator of Dame Edna Everage, and Brendan O’Carroll, the actor behind award winning sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys.