Thirty seconds of previously unseen Diana footage to be turned into nine hour mini-series on Channel Four

An old VHS tape containing 30 seconds of unseen footage of Princess Diana is to be turned into a 9 hour documentary mini-series, voiced by Jim Carter off Downton Abbey.

Old Etonian, minor aristocrat and butler Clifford Cunthurst-Cunthurst told the Daily Chronicle, “The tape shows Diana scratching her ear and blinking three times. This new footage will be cut together with 540 minutes of slow-motion ballet dancing, scratchy newsreel of the Royal Wedding and an out-of-focus clip of Camilla Parker-Bowles watching a polo match at Windsor Great Park.”

“We’re very excited by this discovery,” a spokesperson for Channel 4 told us. “We’ve already started editing the series and have only eight and a half hours of screen time left to fill.”

In conjunction with the programme, the Daily Mail will be running a series of souvenir colour pull-out supplements featuring previously unpublished x-rays of the princess.